A top tip to help you be an engaging presenter

A top tip to help you be an engaging presenter

To be an engaging presenter you need to vary your speed of speech.

Speaking fast generates feelings of excitement and urgency and slowing down tells your audience that the point you are making is important. You should plan this into your scripts and know which sections to speak more quickly or slowly.

Adding pauses also give your audience an opportunity to think about what you’ve said.

The Teleprompter for Video app allows you to change the script scroll speed and pause scrolling, but this requires you to press the + and – speed buttons on screen while recording. This isn’t ideal when you’re trying to present.

So here is the perfect solution…

Use a remote control

We’ve designed the Teleprompter for Video app to work seamlessly with a Bluetooth media remote control, Apple Watch, foot pedal, wireless keyboard, or games controller like Xbox or PS4. 

Our Prompt+ app also allows you to control the scrolling using another iOS device.

It’s easy. There’s no configuration required, simply pair your remote to your phone or tablet, and away you go.

Then you can use it to:

  • Start and stop recording
  • Pause scrolling
  • Speed up and slow down scrolling

For more details, and some remote device recommendations, check out our detailed guide: How to control the Teleprompter app remotely.

You could also consider asking a friend or colleague to use the remote control while you present. 😊

Use voice assisted scrolling

iPhone and iPad users speaking in English or Spanish can now take advantage of our voice-assisted scrolling functionality. Simply tap the white speech icon on the recording screen, to enable voice recognition. The app will then listen to you as you speak and move the script to match the words you say. Clever stuff!

Share your experiences

What are your top tips for being an engaging presenter?

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