The weather forecast uses a Green Screen and So Can You

The weather forecast uses a Green Screen and So Can You

Have you ever wondered how the weather forecast works?

The weather presenter stands in front of a big green screen, and points as if they can see the map. In reality, the presenter is simply pointing at a green canvas.

The television company then apply a ‘chroma key’ filter to replace everything that is green with another image – in this case, the weather map.

It’s a clever effect, and works well.

This technology is no longer just for television companies or weather reporters. Now you can apply the same effect using your iPhone or iPad and our app.

examples of using a green screen filter to change the background

It really is very easy to do. Simply buy a large green screen, stand in front of it and record. Then press the button to apply the green screen filter and you’ll be transported to the moon (or wherever you choose).

For more information, please check out the full guide on how to use the Green Screen filter in the Teleprompter for Video app.

Where will you present your next video from?

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