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Location Location Location

So many factors play a role in creating a good video. And it might seem like what’s behind you isn’t as important as what you say or how well you say it. But the location you choose will straight away tell your viewer a key message.

A plain background says “focus on me, I have something important to say”. An office backdrop suggests it’s a corporate update, whilst a film set in a home environment immediately has a more relaxed, social appeal.

So what location should I use?

First, ask yourself “what is the purpose of my video?” Then consider the best background.

Using a solid single colour background is ideal if you want a professional and clean look.
The viewer will simply focus on you and your message. And it’s easy to create and film. You can buy background paper online or just use a blank wall or a large piece of plain material. Avoid bright colours as muted, subtle tones work best – and add lighting beside or behind your background to create an even more professional visual.

If you want your video to feel personal, choose an appropriate setting, whether that’s at home, in the office or outside. Pick somewhere appealing that deliberately tells your viewer something extra about you or helps reinforce your message.

But you also need to make sure the location isn’t going to distract. A messy backdrop risks diverting your viewer’s attention away from what you want them to hear – and might give the impression that your film is a bit of a muddle. Filming outdoors can add excitement, beauty or depth – but remember that it also comes with extra lighting and sound challenges.

Most importantly choose a location that best reflects what you want to communicate. And then have fun creating it!

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What locations do you like best and why? Got any sneaky solutions to creating the perfect backdrop?

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I hope these tips are helpful and please do contact me if you have any questions.

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