Record video for business or school

Record video for business or school

We have 2 apps available for download from the Apple App Store:

Teleprompter for Video App Icon

Teleprompter for Video is our app aimed at consumers.
It is quick and easy to download for free, and you can choose whether to buy an in-app purchase later.

Scripted Video for Business App Icon

Scripted Videos for Business is aimed at businesses who purchase and manage apps on behalf of their staff using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

Both apps have the same functionality but there some advantages to businesses and schools in using the Scripted Videos for Business version:

  • The Business app is a direct purchase. This is because in-app purchases are not compatible with the Apple Business or School Manager offerings.
  • The Business app is available on the Volume Purchase Program for Education
  • Businesses and schools who manage their devices using Mobile Device Management (MDM) software can configure privacy settings (see below).
  • Everything else is the same. So although the number of reviews is less for the Business App, you can have confidence in what you are buying.

Using Mobile Device Management (MDM) to configure privacy settings of business video app

Using managed configurations, an IT administrator can remotely specify settings for users of the Scripted Videos for Business mobile app in their organization.

Managed app config in MobileIron

Do you want your users to be able to login to the app? Yes / No

This setting controls whether your users will see the below login page on the app.

If the configuration is set to Yes then your users will be shown this screen and they can choose whether to login or not. The benefit of logging in is to share scripts across multiple devices – for example, you can write the script on your iPad and then record the video on your iPhone.

If the configuration is set to No then your users will always ‘skip’ this page, and operate the app in ‘offline’ mode. This means no scripts will be shared with our servers and all data will be kept on the device. This is important for companies with sensitive information.

Scripted Video for business login page

For users of the MobileIron MDM platform, we are listed in their marketplace here.

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