Setting the exposure of a video

Setting the exposure of a video

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Setting the exposure of a video

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How to set the exposure when shooting video

Before recording, it’s a good idea to lock the exposure and focus of your camera. This prevents the camera from constantly recalculating the exposure and focus, which can result in flickering video or pulsing focus. Once locked, it’s also possible to make the video brighter or darker by adjusting the exposure manually.

To do this, long tap on the video preview in the recording screen. After a few seconds an orange square will appear and the AE/AF LOCK icon will be displayed as shown below.

  • AE means Auto Exposure
  • AF means Auto Focus

When setting the AE/AF Lock you should always long tap on your face, as this is what you want the camera to focus on primarily. Once the lock is in place, you can manually adjust the exposure of the shot by dragging the sun icon up and down.

  • Dragging the sun icon upwards will increase the exposure and make the video brighter.
  • Dragging the sun icon downwards will decrease the exposure and make the video darker.
Setting the exposure and brightness in the teleprompter app

To remove the AE/AF Lock, simply tap elsewhere on the screen. The app will then continue to automatically adjust the levels of exposure and focus.

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