Teleprompter for Facebook Live

Teleprompter for Facebook Live

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Can you use teleprompter for FB Live?

The answer is YES! You can use the teleprompter for Facebook Live! (only on Android currently)

In fact, the teleprompter can be used with ANY other video app, such as the native camera app, video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, or other live streaming tools.

To use the functionality, follow these simple steps:

1. Tap this icon in the bottom corner to overlay (or float) the teleprompter script on top of the desktop.

Teleprompter floating script icon

2. The script will be shown above the other app icons.

Overlay window above other apps on Android

3. Use these icons to move, resize, minimise, or close the overlay.

Close the overlay and return to the teleprompter app
Minimise the overlay Minimuse the overlay
Resize the floating teleprompter script Resize the overlay window
Move the overlay Move the overlay window

4. Open the app you wish to use with the teleprompter (eg. Facebook). The teleprompter overlay window will remain on top.

5. Record a live stream, video, or video conference.

6. Use the Play button to start and stop the scrolling script or the +/- icons to control the speed.

What features are available

  • Resize text
  • Rich text formatting (bold, italic, underline, font colour, font highlighting)
  • Manual scrolling, with +/- speed adjustments
  • Start / Stop scrolling script
  • Colour and transparency of overlay window
  • Move, resize and minimise the script overlay window

The following features of the main app do not work when using an overlay:

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