Using a Bluetooth remote control

Using a Bluetooth remote control

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Using a Bluetooth remote control

The app has been programmed to receive signals from Bluetooth remote controls. You can do the following using a remote control:

  • Start and stop recording
  • Pause scrolling
  • Speed up and slow down scrolling

When looking for a suitable remote, you should ensure you find one which is compatible with iOS devices. It should also be a ‘media’ remote as that ensures it has the correct controls available as shown below.

Use a bluetooth remote control to control the app recording video

Recommended devices

Here are a couple of remote controls which have been tested on the app:

Satechi Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control - compatible with iPhone, iPad, iMac
Satechi Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control

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Satechi R2 Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control 2020 - compatible with iPhone iPad iMac
Satechi R2 Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control

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Configuring the remote control

When you receive your remote control you need to pair it with your device. This is the same with any Bluetooth device. The remote control will come with instructions on how to do this so please follow them.

Once the remote control is paired, then you can simply use it with the app by pressing the buttons as shown above.

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