Create a masterpiece by using the Rule of Thirds

Create a masterpiece by using the Rule of Thirds

Did you know that there’s a simple trick to making your video look more professional?

It’s something that filmmakers, painters and photographers use to turn their creations into masterpieces.

(Drumroll please!) Introducing the Rule of Thirds

How will the Rule of Thirds make my video look better?

The Rule of Thirds may sound like a complex formula. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to use it! It’s simply about image composition.

All it really means is splitting your image into a 3×3 grid using two horizontal and two vertical lines.

Then you use these gridlines to help you position the main focus of your video shot. You want these key elements to be either on the gridlines or even better, on the intersections where the lines meet.

Use the rule of thirds gridlines to help you position the main focus of your video shot

Why should you do this? Because something magical happens. By following this simple rule, your image suddenly becomes much more appealing to your audience. It just looks better. Renaissance artists would know – they used something similar called the Golden Ratio to create their masterpieces.

How can I apply the Rule of Thirds if I’m speaking straight to camera?

If you’re speaking straight to camera, position your eyes on the top gridline so that your viewers will naturally look directly at you.

If it’s just you on film, centre yourself in the middle of the shot and make sure there’s some space between the top of your head and the top of the frame.

But if there are two of you, position yourselves along each vertical line. This way your viewers will pay equal attention to you both.

How can the Teleprompter for Video app help me do this?

Applying these principles is super easy with the Teleprompter for Video app! Just turn on the Grid option in the settings menu.

Turn on the Grid option in the settings menu to help you use the Rule of Thirds

What are your creative secrets?!

We run a private Facebook group exclusively for users of the Teleprompter for Video app where we share the challenges we’re going through with creating video content.

It’s called Teleprompter for Video Creators and it’s free to join. All we ask is that you engage with the community.

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