How criticism can make you stronger

How criticism can make you stronger

James Clear, bestselling author, Tweeted about the benefits of writing publicly.

Writing publicly creates a potential for criticism, which encourages him to write his best work.

His audience is his coach. They cheer him on when he gets something right. And they tell him if they don’t like what he’s done – and give him ideas of what to change.

He says it takes great courage but chooses to keep sharing his writing, even when he fears the criticism that might come.

As a result, he becomes better at what he does.

How do you respond to criticism?

When you make a video – and share it with the world – you risk people not liking it.

For some people, the fear of criticism will prevent them from trying, or they give up after the first attempt.

But what if we choose to be inspired by James, and not fear criticism? What if the criticism could actually make us stronger?

Treat your audience as your coach and listen to their feedback, good and bad. Have the courage to try out new things with your videos and use feedback as a way to improve.

I know it takes guts. But as the proverb says:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

It takes time and patience to become good at making videos. But if you can see any criticism you receive as an opportunity to make you stronger, you’ll get better and better. Remember, we’re all learning as we go.

A safe place to share

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Good luck – and be brave!

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