Why your social media video length should be under 15 seconds

Why your social media video length should be under 15 seconds

What can you do in 15 seconds? According to Guinness World Records, it’s possible to…

  • Limbo skate under twenty cars.
  • Cover 100m while hopping on one leg.
  • Lace a shoe.
  • Put on 10 surgical masks.

You don’t have to break a world record to be impressive on film. But beating 15 seconds is essential when it comes to your social media video length.

Why should my video be so short?

Facebook now strongly recommends making your video length 15 seconds or less.

Why? Because with social media, it’s all about grabbing people’s attention – and getting your message across quickly before they move on.

So a short video means that:

  1. People are more likely to watch until the end – and then take your call to action or share, like or comment on your film.
  2. You are forced to capture their interest instantly. In fact, Facebook suggests you put the most compelling part of your video at the very beginning, ideally within the first three seconds.
  3. Your brand or product is identified straight away, making your viewers more likely to see and remember it.

Just like our world record holders, it’ll take practice to hit the 15 second mark for your social media video length. But if you plan your script well and do several run throughs to fine-tune it, you’ll soon achieve it. And it’ll be well worth it when more people watch and interact with your video.

For tips on how to captivate your audience quickly, check out this blog.

Or join the Teleprompter for Video Creators Facebook Group to get help from our friendly online community.

Reading this far will have taken you about 1.5 minutes, the same as watching six compelling 15-second videos… it’s time to get creating 😊

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