Importing PDF files

Importing PDF files

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Importing PDF files

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Types of PDF

Unfortunately not all PDF documents are born equal.

While they all may have “.PDF” at the end of their filename, their creation process and contents can vary hugely.

These differences explain why apps cannot process certain PDF files.

This article explains the difference between a “true” PDF and a “scanned” PDF.

✔️ “True” (or “real”) PDFs

True PDFs were digitally created by an application that embeds the text, images, and formatting information in the document itself.

When editing a document in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or similar, press “Export as PDF” to create a True PDF.

As these files have text information embedded in them, they can be easily understood and extracted by applications such as Teleprompter for Video.

❌ Scanned PDFs

Most scanners or scanning apps have the ability to save in PDF format.

These scans have no embedded text information. Instead, they are simply an image of the document.

As a result, applications can only understand the text by performing OCR (optical character recognition) to extract the text from the image.

If you need to import text from a scanned PDF into Teleprompter for Video, you must use a specialist OCR application to extract the text from the document.

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