Using an Xbox / PS4 games controller

Using an Xbox / PS4 games controller

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The Teleprompter for Video app can be controlled remotely using any supported games controller.

Supported wireless controllers

  • Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth (Model 1708)
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
  • Other MFi (Made for iOS) Bluetooth controllers might be supported by iOS

Pair the controller with your iPhone, iPad or Android device

Xbox pairing instructions

Turn on your Xbox controller by pressing the Xbox symbol at the top, then put it into pair mode by pressing the pairing button on the top face of the controller (near the left trigger).

The controller will flash and appear in the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu of the Settings app.

PS4 pairing instructions

Hold down the PS button and the Share button simultaneously for 5 seconds. The controller will flash and then appear in the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu of the Settings app.

Troubleshooting pairing

For troubleshooting, please read the following guides that give various information about how to pair games controllers.

Apple –

Android –


Use a PS4 or XBox games controller as a remote control for the video app
  1. Start / Stop Recording
  2. Start / Pause Scrolling
  3. Decrease speed of scrolling
  4. Increase speed of scrolling
  5. Move the script backward
  6. Move the script forward

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